Saturday, August 27, 2016

Endless Birthright Work

More updates as I chug along in the process. Chug chug.

  • Races
    • Updated section on Cerilia's elves to refer to them by their proper name, Sidhelien. Trying out how it feels to do the same with dwarves and Karamhul.
  • Classes
    • Cleaned up some more wording under some entries.
  • Blood Abilities
    • Animal Affinity now has some more shapeshifting options for Great-strength bloodlines.
    • "Detect Illusion" is now called "Deny Illusion".
  • Backgrounds
    • Cut the Illegitimiate Heir and Ward backgrounds. Couldn't seem to make them feel unique enough.
  • Equipment
    • Added section for tighmaevril equipment, as rare as it may be.
  • Ruling Domains
    • Clarified the section under Vassalage to spell out explicitly that vassals still rule their own domains, just in service of a liege lord.
    • Updated domain actions with new Relocate action, which is an update of a previously paragraph-long rule tucked away in the old rule book.
  • Waging War
    • Added unit descriptions. Trying something different with unit composition and troop counts for non-standard units.
    • Added new units.
    • Temporary change to unit speed while I work on other mass combat rules apart from auto-resolve.
    • Updated auto-resolve rules a bit. Value of commanders increased by having them add +1 to resolution.
    • Added section on commanders being captured or executed, along with ransoming them.
  • Realm Magic
    • New intro written. Starting conversion of spells to 5E.
    • Removed free realm spells for arcane tricksters, eldritch knights, paladins, and rangers. They have to research or quest to get any, rather than starting play with some.

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