Sunday, August 21, 2016

Birthright 5E Updates

A new version is available here (same link as last blog entry, if you had it handy; I'm updating versions directly as opposed to making new ones each time).

Here's a complete list of changes since the last entry:

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction added.
  • Races:
    • The section has been reorganized, and flavor text added for each race. Added standard human back into the mix with an explanation as to why they might exist.
  • Classes:
    • Clarified wording on who can be an eldritch knight fighter, arcane trickster rogue, sorcerer, or wizard.
    • Removed restriction on bardic magic and added flavor to explain it.
    • Added more flavor text to many classes.
  • Bloodline:
    • Cleaned up some text and wording here.
    • Added new bonus for non-blooded player characters in the form of a +1 free ability score bonus. This bonus is retained if you pursue and attain a bloodline through the course of play (through investiture or bloodtheft).
  • Backgrounds:
    • Regent Born background completed.
    • Illegitimate Heir and Ward backgrounds NYI.
  • The Season:
    • Additional point added under Taxation, Collection, and Trade for "Occupation and Pillaging"
    • Step 10 added for Calculating Rewards. Reward structure blocked out and being iterated upon.
  • Domain Actions:
    • Removed Loot Holding action in favor of updated Occupation and Conquest rules.
  • Armies and Warfare:
    • Entire section relocated to the Waging War chapter.
    • Added unit types.
    • Added section for Occupation and Conquest.
    • Added prototype automatic resolution mechanic for battles. Plenty of iteration and feedback needed here.

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