Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Council of Wyrms Conversion and Setting Document

So uh, this got linked in a few places. Um. Hi? Quite the unexpected traffic spike, but I'm glad people are interested!

After a few caffeine-fueled late nights and lots of wear and tear on my keyboard, I've produced an updated version of my Council of Wyrms conversion. This contains all of the latest changes to the systems, as well as the full homebrewed version of the setting based on what I've been rambling about the last few entries.

Approximate change list of systemic stuff (patch notes, if you will):

  • Amethyst dragons now deal force damage with their breath weapon, and are resistant to it.
  • Added section on designing encounters, mostly from a guidelines perspective.
  • Added half-dragon character options.
  • Added campaign option discussions.
  • Added Io's Blood Isles Bestiary with five sample creatures a DM might want to use; at least one of these is specific to the aforementioned homebrew version of the setting.
  • Added dragon equipment.

Without further ado, here you go.

Go forth and conquer!


  1. This looks amazing! Thank you for shaking it :3

  2. Not available anymore :( Would be nice if someone could povide a link, thanks, other content is great. :)

    1. Updated the link to the current version, hosted on Homebrewery. :) Happy gaming!