Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Introduction

Greetings! Thanks for finding my little inconspicuous corner of the webbernets.

My moniker here shall be the Marsupialmancer. I have an adoration for wombats and other marsupial creatures, in addition to loving fantasy, science-fiction, games of all sorts, and genre humor. By day, I am a professional game designer working the corporate beat, and by late afternoon/night I can't seem to get enough of that and either play or work on games in my free time.

The purpose of this blog is mostly to flex creative muscles that I don't always get to exercise in the day job, get ideas out of my head, and generally try to hone what I do into something other than a knotted cudgel. I have a soft spot for tabletop games, which will be the primary focus of my entries. Chances are high I will delve into, reference, or laud other creative media here and there, so I hope you'll forgive digression and topic-hopping between mainline entries.

I hope my entries will be some small inspiration to those who love games, systems, and general geekery as much as I do.

So yeah! Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

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