Monday, July 4, 2016

Council of Wyrms, v2.3

Happy Independence Day! Nothing fancy today, just wanted to get this out of the way.

I've made a couple updates to the document and uploaded a new version here.

The complete change list:
  1. Corrected references to what saving throw is relevant to a given breed's breath weapon (green and white are Constitution saves, most others are Dexterity, etc.).
  2. Corrected the Wild Gods Warlord's armor class and spell list, since barkskin was pretty worthless for it.


  1. Thanks for the nostalgia.

    Curious as to if you have reviewed the old adventure book included with the original setting. I enjoyed playing the original ones as a kid. I am now looking to run the adventure in 5e for the group that reintroduced me to D&D. With your adaption, would you recommend just substituting the ogres from the 5e MM into the 1st level adventure? Or are your egg hunter ogres a better fit (They seem overpowered for the 1st lvl one)

    Any tips on converting 5e challenge levels and xp for dragon pc's?

    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. I do have the old adventure book on my shelf. It's a fun trip down memory lane, though I haven't tried running it with my conversion as of yet (my gaming groups all have in-progress campaigns else I would have jumped on the opportunity). My egg hunters are for somewhat more experienced dragons, so if you were to run the adventure as-is from the book, regular ogres might still be a significant challenge -- they do hit rather hard.

      Krugg Bonebreaker might be a good candidate for an egg hunter, but that is still quite a scary encounter even for first level dragons. I think regular ogres will suffice, and boosting Krugg's HP or AC due to equipment would be a suitable adjustment.

      As far as converting CRs and XP, I didn't really feel it was necessary without an official playtest of the conversion (of which only a few combats and some creation sessions with friends have been done). I think it's suitable to use as-is monster XP and level advancement without any adjustments; a dragon PC is going to move up in levels fairly rapidly early in their career, but as they face stronger challenges in general from monsters, it might be suitable to reduce expected experience rewards for story beats and the like.

  2. Dumb question, for claw, bite, and tail attacks must you take the corresponding fighting style (ex to use a claw attack you must take Fang and Claw)? If not would you look at the fighting style for the attack or if not something else (ex the Monster Manuel)?

    1. Apologies! I was away on vacation and the blog is set up not to auto-publish on articles older than 90 days.

      Every dragon has Bite as their basic melee attack, and they don't need to take any styles to use it. To use claw or tail attacks at all, the dragon does need to take Fang and Claw or Lashing Tail, respectively.

      It could be easily house ruled that a dragon can use any of those singularly as a basic attack, but it may create some odd balance issues (particularly with tail attacks having extended reach).

  3. No worries!
    That is what I assumed, was just making sure that I was getting it right and not messing it up.